Each year, the city identifies trails to receive a reconstruction, rehabilitation or new sealcoat to extend the life of the trail and its bituminous surface.

This project includes the reconstruction or rehabilitation of existing bituminous trails in the city. 

  • Reclaim existing pavement and lay new pavement.
  • Includes reconstruction of pedestrian curb ramps to comply with the city's ADA Transition plan, which was adopted in 2018.
  • Trails are identified by their age and condition.

Project Location

  • West Shakopee: Trail along Vierling Drive between Taylor Street and Presidential Lane. Also, the northern section of trail in the Tahpah Park trail system.
  • Central Shakopee: Trail along Independence Drive between 17th Avenue East and Thrush Street.

Black and white map showing trails


The 2020 project is estimated at $540,000. Funding will come from the Capital Improvement Fund and the Park Asset Internal Services Fund.