Each summer, the city annually rehabilitates and overlays existing trails to extend the life of the pavement.

Reconstruction and Rehabilitation

  • Reclaim existing pavement and lay new pavement.
  • Includes reconstruction of pedestrian curb ramps to comply with the city's ADA Transition plan, which was adopted in 2018.
  • Trails are identified by their age and condition.

2019 Project

At its June 18, 2019, meeting, the City Council approved moving the 2019 projects to 2020 due to higher-than-anticipated bids. 


  • Sealcoats selected trails by applying a layer of protective oil to the surface of the asphalt, which reduces the wear and tear from rain and ultraviolet light. 
  • Work typically begins in late summer and completed by the fall.

2019 Project

The annual trail sealcoating project was completed in mid-September. Impacted areas included:

  • Shenandoah Road from Highway 101 to Fourth Avenue East and Fourth Avenue East from Shenandoah to Canterbury Road
  • Vierling Drive between Marschall Road and Eagle Creek Boulevard
  • Walking trails at Lake O'Dowd Park
  • Walking trails at Prairie Bend Park
  • Fuller Street and Koeper Avenue from 10th Avenue West to Shakopee High School
  • Southbridge Open Space between Wakefield Circle and Berwick Circle
  • Trails in Lions Park between Vierling Drive and 10th Avenue West
  • Trails north and south of First Avenue East near Memorial Park, between Dangerfield's and just east of Sarazin Street.
  • Map: 2019 Project Area [PDF]