The City of Shakopee partnered with the Shakopee School District and the Shakopee Youth Baseball Association to construct a full-sized baseball field on 10 acres of undeveloped land at Tahpah Park.

Project Scope

Tahpah Park has 10 undeveloped acres on its west side. Two baseball fields are planned for this area: a youth 12-13-year-old field and a full-size baseball field.

When reviewing the 2017 Park Reserve projects, the City Council identified the construction of one field as a priority project. It was determined that the two fields would be built in two different phases. The first phase includes site preparation for both fields and the construction of the full-size baseball field.  


 Approval of final plans and specifications  City Council  Feb. 21, 2017 
 Bid awarded to Rachel Contracting  City Council  April 18, 2017 
 Construction begins  Rachel Contracting  May 1, 2017
 Full-size field completed  Rachel Contracting  Sept. 15, 2017
 Full-size field available for use    Spring 2018
 12- to 13-year-old field to be constructed    


The 2017 Park Reserve Fund allocates $275,000 for the design and construction of a baseball field at Tahpah Park. The Shakopee School District has agreed to contribute $150,000 and SYBA will contribute $75,000 over five years. The total amount available for the project is $500,000.