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The City of Shakopee developed a long-range Parks, Trails and Recreation Master Plan for the city’s parks and trails infrastructure and recreation programming. Over the course of the comprehensive planning process and additional outreach, city staff and consultants received feedback from thousands of Shakopee residents about the future of Shakopee’s parks and trails. Based on the feedback, the consultant team, city staff and steering committee identified key themes for Shakopee’s parks and trails system: riverfront connections, public/private partnerships, new and innovative facilities, premium athletics, restoration and expansion of natural areas, trail and sidewalk connections and park accessibility and programming.

Alignment to Community Priorities and Goals

The Master Plan aligns with the goals set forth in the 2040 Envision Shakopee Comprehensive Plan. Shakopee is a growing and the demographically changing community. The Master Plan will aid Shakopee in adapting to these changes by creating a more equitable, inclusive and sustainable parks and trails system.

The Master Plan specifically address the following Big Ideas as outlined in Envision Shakopee:

  • Create a Fresh Impression
  • Rediscover the River
  • Connect People to Nature
  • Knit the Community Together
  • Foster Civic Life in Civic Spaces
  • Celebrate Big Fun


 Contract awarded to Confluence to complete park system master plan City Council  July 3, 2018 
 Parks, Trails, Open Space and Recreation Steering Committee formed    Summer 2018
 Master Plan Open House    Aug. 5, 2019
 Master Plan approved  Planning Commission  Aug. 8, 2019 
 Master Plan approved  Park and Recreation Advisory Board  Aug. 12, 2019 
 Master Plan adopted  City Council   Aug. 20, 2019 


The City of Shakopee funded the project, not to exceed $150,000, from its Park Reserve Fund.

Community Impact

Shakopee has experienced and will continue to experience growth in the coming decades. The city as at critical junction and must address the growing population, changing demographics and increased demand for recreational opportunities, parks infrastructure and green spaces. The following are specific key projects which the Master Plan to address the above issues.

Memorial Park

Coordination between Shakopee, Three Rivers Park District and Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community will shape the future of Memorial Park. A planned cultural trail linking the past of Shakopee to the future would bridge cultural divides by offering a glimpse into the lives of past inhabitants of the region including both early European settlers and Native American inhabitants. Other priorities include expanding access to green space, a natural playground and access to the river at a kayak boat landing.

Huber Park

Huber Park is an anchor for downtown Shakopee, but many feel it is time for an update. A new destination playground is planned to give children a one of a kind experience. A dog park and kayak launch are envisioned to bring more activity to the eastern portion of the park. Improvements to the amphitheater, expanded green space under Highway 101 and a Veterans and Conflict Memorial are planned at the site. A new rock retaining wall along the river, an enhanced natural stream and stormwater management pond will help reduce the impacts of increased flooding events.


Windermere Park will sit on one of Shakopee’s highest points and offer a unique experience for all. The plan calls for children’s park designed around the natural landscape and incorporate a more explorative play area concept. Development along the bluff would create natural trail system for biking, hiking or walking. Relocation of Shakopee’s archery range and an additional dog park for the western side of Shakopee are also planned on this site. All of this will be connected by a green trail system throughout the bluff area.

Vierling Greenway

Re-envisioning of the current Upper Valley Drainage Way Trail into a more scenic and naturalized trail lined with native Minnesota flora and trees with bike repair and stations along the corridor. Additionally, street crossing improvements are envisioned to be made throughout the corridor.

Quarry Lake Park

The planned development of this park will include a 4-mile mountain bike course, an obstacle course children’s playground, a kayak boat launch, swimming beach and improved boat launch ramp. All of this would be accessible by a planned pedestrian bridge across Highway 169 and a new trail along 12th Avenue.