The city's annual street maintenance program includes the rehabilitation of various streets throughout the city, as well as upgrading of trail and sidewalk pedestrian ramp facilities. It is designed to preserve and protect the pavement, with a goal of reaching a 50-year life expectancy before a street requires complete reconstruction.

Improvements include:

  • Mills, paves and sealcoats selected city streets with new bituminous overlays
  • Upgrades trail and sidewalk pedestrian ramps

Project Area

Streets to be milled and overlaid in 2019 include:

  • Southbridge area
  • Fairhaven Drive, Abbey Point, Cambridge Way and Langston Court

Two changes from the 2019 Capital Improvement Plan were made:

  • 11th Avenue, 12th Avenue and Gateway Drive - These sections of roadway were removed to first allow for construction of the 12th Avenue Bituminous Trail Project in 2019. The rehabilitation of these streets will be shifted and included with the 2020 Pavement Rehabilitation project. 
  • Sarazin Street - This section of roadway was removed. During final design, the roadway was evaluated and determined that the bituminous pavement indeed needs to be fully replaced (full depth). However, this type of project would be partially assessed to adjacent benefiting property owners. The project will be shifted and programmed with the 2020 Reclamation Project that would include partial funding from assessments.

2019 Mill and Overlay Project



The 2019 project is estimated at $2.2 million. Funding for this project will come from a variety of sources:

  • Capital Improvement Fund
  • Shakopee Public Utilities
  • Sanitary Sewer Fund
  • Storm Drainage Fund