UPDATE: Statement from CenterPoint Energy 

Morning Nov. 12, 2019

Last night, CenterPoint Energy experienced an interruption in gas pressure on our pipeline system in Shakopee. As a result, gas service was shut off to about 600 residential and business customers in the Shakopee downtown business district and some areas immediately to the north and south of downtown.

CenterPoint Energy crews worked overnight to identify and correct the problem. Since early this morning, technicians have been going to the affected homes and businesses to ensure that gas service is safely restored. These technicians are clearly identified as being with CenterPoint Energy. If the customer is not available, the technician will return several times and ultimately leave contact information for the customer to call to get service restored.

The goal is to have all service restored today. CenterPoint Energy apologizes for this inconvenience to our customers.

Each summer, the city seals pavement cracks; repaints lines and crosswalks; and sealcoats streets and parking lots as part of its annual street maintenance program. Work typically includes:

Sealcoating/chip sealing

  • Uses a mix of heated liquid asphalt and small rock to provide an effective barrier against water intrusion, aging and oxidation.
  • Can be a messy and very dusty operation. Watch for No Parking signs in impacted areas.
  • While crews sweep streets of surplus rock days and weeks after installation, some chips will continue to release over time, resulting in excess rock along curbs and in yards.
  • 2019 Seal Coat Map [PDF]

Crack sealing

  • Blows out cracks and fills with rubber. The material is then covered with biodegradable toilet paper.
  • It is okay to drive over the paper. Watch for No Parking signs in impacted areas.
  • We recommend you do not park near end of driveway to avoid rock and debris.
  • 2019 Crack Seal Map [PDF]

Pavement markings/line painting

  • Symbol (crosswalks, arrows) and line painting
  • Performed in two phases so crews can mark overlay streets