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This area has substantial pavement distress and failure. The improvements will include:

  • Reconstruction of the bituminous asphalt surface
  • Spot curb and gutter repair
  • The upgrade all pedestrian curb ramps in the project area to meet ADA compliance
  • Minor storm drainage improvements, including subsurface drain tile where needed

Project Area

Black and white map with circles showing project area

  • Park Ridge Drive
  • Sarazin Street (St. Francis Avenue to Valley View Road)
  • Dominion Hills: Promise Avenue, Peace Avenue, Peace Circle, Dominion Avenue, Chateau Avenue and Leavitt Woods Lane
  • Westridge Lake Estates: Vista Ridge Lane and Westridge Drive
  • Montecito Drive
  • Stagecoach Road (postponed to future)

Stagecoach Road improvements were originally scheduled for 2020 but have been postponed to better coordinate a future project with possible adjacent land development and a future trail project.


The project is estimated at $2,799,500. Funding will come from a variety of sources:

  • Special assessments to benefiting properties
  • Capital Improvement Fund
  • Storm Drainage Fund
  • Shakopee Public Utilities
  • Sanitary Sewer

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