The city's annual street maintenance program includes several projects aimed at extending the life of city streets and pavement.

Street Reconstruction

  • Replace aging sewer, water and storm sewer pipes, as well as lay new pavement, curb and gutter.
  • Streets are selected for reconstruction from the city’s five-year Capital Improvement Plan.


 Map showing phases of construction

  • Shakopee Avenue from Market Street to Marschall Road
  • Dakota Street from 10th Avenue to Shakopee Avenue
  • Minnesota Street from 10th Avenue to Shakopee Avenue 

Reconstruction Newsletter May 2018 [PDF]

Reconstruction Newsletter June 2018 [PDF]

Reconstruction Newsletter July 2018 [PDF]

Reconstruction Newsletter - August 2018 [PDF]

Reconstruction Newsletter - September 2018 [PDF]


  • Mills, paves and sealcoats selected city streets with new bituminous overlays.
  • Designed to preserve and protect the pavement, with a goal of reaching a 50-year life expectancy before a street requires complete reconstruction.
  • Work typically begins in early June and completed by the end of August.


  • Project areas marked on map (below) 
  • Community Center back parking lot

Overlay Project Area 2018

2018 Overlay Letter to Residents [PDF]

Overlay Newsletter - September 2018 [PDF]

Pavement Reclamation

  • Grinds up the existing bituminous pavement and mixes with the existing base before repaving the road.
  • Used mainly for roadways without curbs and nearly as successful as a full reconstruction at a third of the cost.
  • Work begins in early June and completed by the end of August.