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The overall goal for an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) transition plan is to provide a path to compliance with ADA requirements. As such, the city has developed a plan to make facilities in the public right-of-way more accessible. Learn more about ADA and its applicability to state and local governments.

The transition plan provides a better understanding of the Shakopee assets in the right-of-way by evaluating pedestrian ramps, sidewalks, trails and transit facilities. It also helps they city budget for future improvements to the system to increase compliance.

The Shakopee City Council approved the City of Shakopee ADA Public Right-of-Way Transition Plan at its June 19, 2018, meeting.

ADA Public Right-of-Way Transition Plan

As part of the ADA Public Right-of-Way Transition Plan, the self-evaluation continues. In 2017, 866 pedestrian ramps were inspected. This leaves approximately 983 of the 1,849 city-owned pedestrian ramps yet to be inspected. Of those inspected to date, 15 percent of curb ramps meet accessibility criteria. Facilities will be updated with Capital Improvement Plan projects that occur on the adjacent street, as outlined in the transition plan.

ADA Transition Plan Informational Brochure [PDF]

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