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Whether you're planning an outdoor construction project, fence installation or new landscaping, the links below will guide you through building permits, inspections, city ordinances and other helpful tips. 

Easement Encroachments

All properties in the city have easements, which allow city departments and utility companies to maintain access to necessary underground utility lines. City code prohibits property owners from building any structure (including a fence) or adding any landscaping to an easement or right-of-way without obtaining written approval from the city. 

Tree Care Information

Property Maintenance Rules and Regulations

See Code Enforcement for more common ordinance questions.

Grass and Weeds: It is unlawful for property owners to allow grasses and weeds to grow to a height greater than 8 inches or to allow such grasses and weeds to go to seed. Report a violation in your neighborhood.

No Dumping: It is against Shakopee City Code to take delivery or place any landscape or building material in or on a city right-of-way to street. Parking dumpsters or moving containers in the street requires a city permit.

Sight Triangles: City Code prohibits property owners on corner lots from landscaping or planting any object that rises 3 feet above the surface of the road. This is meant to preserve corner visibility so that vehicles can see approaching traffic. See: City Code 151.125

Lawn Mowing: Keep grass clippings and leaves out of the curb and gutter in the street. They are a source of phosphorus and can easily be washed away into the city’s surface water run-off system.

Pet Waste: Dispose of pet waste in the trash or flush it down the toilet.  Never put it in the storm drain. City code requires pet owners to pick up pet waste on public land.

Fertilizer: Minnesota law prohibits residents from using fertilizer containing phosphorus for general lawn care. To ensure a fertilizer is phosphorus-free, check the string of three numbers on the bag. The middle number should be “0.”

Building Permits

Whether you’re building a deck, adding to storage shed or installing lawn sprinklers, the city requires a Residential Building Permit for many outdoor landscaping projects, including:

  • Accessory Buildings (200-square feet or greater)
  • Decks
  • Lawn Irrigation
  • Pergolas
  • Swimming Pools
  • Screen Porches
  • Residing
  • Re-roofing
  • Window and door replacement

No permit is required for:

  • Painting your house or trim.
  • Installing or replacing gutters.
  • Installing or replacing soffit or facia.
  • A storage shed under 200 square feet

Cleaning Up Storm Damage

Per city code, the city is responsible for disposing of damage from boulevard trees, those located in public right-of-ways. The city does not collect downed branches from private trees. They are the responsibility of the property owner.

In rare occurrences, the city has suspended its code to collect private storm damage following major wind events. However, this has only happened a couple times in the past 20 years.

Property owners have several options for disposing of storm damage, including the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community’s Organics Recycling Facility and the city’s residential waste hauler, Republic Services.