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Graph showing Shakopee population increase


Shakopee is a community that has grown quickly over the past 25 years. As of July 1, 2016, the U.S. Census Bureau estimated Shakopee's population at 40,610.

The city has 13,090 households, according to the American Community Survey 2011-15. The average household has 2.92 person.

Age distribution

Statistics indicate the City of Shakopee has a median age of 32.2 years (2010 Census). This is slightly lower than Scott County's median age of 34.8 years and much lower than the Minnesota (37.4) and U.S. (37.2) median ages.


The 2010 Census information identifies a gender distribution of 51.2 percent female to 48.8 percent male within the City of Shakopee.

Race and Ethnicity Graph


Shakopee is a growing into a more diverse community. 2010 Census statistics indicate 27,554 of the city’s 37,076 residents (74.3 percent) classify themselves as white or Caucasian, while 3,796 (10.2 percent) describe themselves as Asian and 2,890 (7.8 percent) describe themselves as Hispanic or Latino. Other common ethnicities include Black or African American (4.2 percent), a mix of two or more races (2.2 percent) and American Indian or Alaska Native (1 percent). 

Educational attainment

According to the American Community Survey 2011-15, 92.7 percent of Shakopee’s population 25 years and over has earned a high school diploma; 37.5 percent has earned a bachelor’s degree or higher.


The American Community Survey 2011-15 reports a median family income in the City of Shakopee at $78,731. This is lower than the Scott County median family income of $87,794.


As of 2010, Shakopee has 13,339 housing units. The median value of owner-occupied housing units is $211,800, according to the American Community Survey 2011-15. Median gross rent is $1,073.

Travel time to work

According to the American Community Survey 2011-15, workers in Shakopee travel an average of 24.7 minutes to their place of employment. This is comparable to workers within Scott County which reported an average of 26.4 minutes for a commute time.

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