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2016 Community Survey

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2016-Survey-Graphic In 2016, the city partnered with National Citizen Survey to conduct a survey of residents and their opinions about the quality of life in Shakopee.

More than 700 residents responded via a paper copy or through the city's website. The time that you spent providing this information gives the City Council, leadership and staff information about how we are doing in our efforts to provide you with excellent city services. Based on what you had to say, the City of Shakopee has a lot of great things going for us – as well as some opportunities for improvement. 

Key Findings

  • 81 percent of the community feels that the overall quality of life in Shakopee is “excellent” or “good," and overall we compare similarly when stacked up against other communities nationally and in the Twin Cities metropolitan area.
  • 85 percent of our community feels that Shakopee is an excellent or good place to live.
  • Shakopee is pretty easy to get around by car.
  • Employment opportunities are available here.

City Services

  • 70 percent of the community felt that the quality of city services is excellent or good.
  • Shakopee was above a majority of our comparisons in customer service delivered by city employees.
  • Shakopee also ranked high for quality of storm drainage, street cleaning, repair and snow removal.
  • Nine out of 10 people reported feeling safe in their neighborhood.
  • 53 percent reported a good sense of community in Shakopee.

While we appreciate the good that is happening, we also recognize our responsibility to continually improve.  There are several areas throughout the survey where it appears that we have some work to do.  Shakopee was somewhat below the benchmark in the overall city image, and it was apparent that the community is seeking more retail and dining opportunities.

Following the survey, the City Council and city staff looked at the information gained through this survey to seek out ways to better serve the Shakopee community.

Survey Data