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2014 Community Survey

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In late 2014, the city conducted a community survey to measure residents’ satisfaction of city services. The survey indicated residents are pleased overall with the quality of life in Shakopee. From its small-town feel to its quiet, peaceful atmosphere, residents enjoy living in Shakopee and the majority (81 percent) feel that city is headed in the right direction. 

Key Findings:

  • Pie Chart93 percent of residents rated Shakopee’s quality of life as good or excellent. The 27 percent excellent rating is among the top third of metro cities.
  • Shakopee ranks in the top quartile of metro cities in terms of value of City services. 78 percent of residents felt the quality of services received are good or excellent for the property taxes paid.
  • Residents are satisfied with their public safety protection: 93 percent of respondents said they feel safe in the City. When asked to consider the greatest safety concern in Shakopee, drugs and youth crime, such as vandalism, were named most often.
  • Residents were complementary of the City’s recreation programs; 96 percent of residents who participated were satisfied with the experience. Overall, the City has a very high usage of recreation features compared to other metro cities, as more people stay in Shakopee for recreation than other communities.
  • The survey indicated Shakopee has a benign tax climate. Only 11 percent of respondents rated taxes as the main concern in Shakopee. The metro average is 20 percent. A majority of Shakopee residents said they would favor a tax increase if it were necessary to maintain current City services.Pie Chart from Survey Results
  • Community members overall feel informed of City Council actions with 60 percent approving of the job the Council is doing. The percentage that disapprove is much lower than the metro average.
  • Residents rated interactions with staff highly. 88 percent of respondents said the helpfulness of City staff was good or excellent and 91 percent said the courtesy of City staff was good or excellent. The ratings increased the more interactions people had with City staff.
  • The principal sources of information about city activities are the local newspaper (34 percent), city newsletter (27 percent), city website (15 percent) and word of mouth (11 percent).