Work Plan 2017

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 In February 2017, the City Council adopted its 2017 work plan, as well as identifying several long-term goals for future action. (LT = long term)


Low Taxes: Completed. Draft budget would result in no increase to taxpayers in 2017 (as was the case in 2016). Shakopee is among the lowest taxed cities in the metro area.
Continued Financial Stability: Completed. Highest possible result from 2016 audit. Full clean audit with no comments. Less than 10 percent of organizations achieve this. 
Stable Tax Rate: Completed. Draft budget lowers our tax rate from 38.521% to 37.120%. 
Prioritization of Services
Fund Balance Study: Completed. Fund balance workshop was conducted in April. Budget adjustments will be made in the year 2018 budgeting process.
Park Asset Fee/Fund Review: Competed at July 5 City Council meeting.
Community Center Operations Funding: Completed. Monthly budgetary analysis has been made a part of monthly financial updates. We received very good news that our revenues are substantially more than originally estimated; however, our Ice Arena estimated utility expenses were more than expected as well. Adjustments have been made as part of the 2018 budget process.
Park Asset Planning Process
Park and Recreation Expenses (LT)

Land Planning

High-Density Housing: TBD. Conducted workshops identifying areas that are acceptable for high density. Based upon concerns of some council members, conducted another workshop Aug. 29 and focused on Canterbury on Nov. 21. A rift continues among council members providing staff conflicting direction.
50/30 SCALE Efforts: TBD. SCALE continues its planning process. Once completed, Shakopee will analyze to determine implementation needs. 
Orderly Annexation Agreement: Completed and approved at July 5 meeting.
Comprehensive Plan: On schedule. Planning is in full swing as MKSK and Planning Division staff continue to conduct public outreach. A technical advisory committee has met on multiple occasions. Staff has been engaged at multiple community events, including Rhythm on the Rails, and major city events. A successful community visioning workshop was conducted Oct. 12. Currently, we are looking at scheduling a council work session in January with another community workshop in late January or early February. 
Trail Connections: Continuing efforts by connecting trails with development. We partnered with the county and Metropolitan Council to discuss moving the regional bicycle transportation network from a route currently along Stagecoach Road to one further west that would connect Southbridge to Quarry Lake Park and would allow us to apply for transportation funding for a pedestrian bridge over 169. 
River Crossing Capacity Increase (LT): TBD. The council passed a resolution of support for an additional crossing. We continue discussions with national and state leaders regarding the need.
Riverfront Improvements (LT)
Active Annexation of Portions of Jackson Township (LT): Continuing. We plan to provide notice for the annexation of Section A soon.
West End Planning Process Continuation (LT) 

Economic Development/Infrastructure

Downtown Improvement/Infrastructure Maintenance: Continuing. Construction is almost complete on the $2 million downtown improvement project. A few portions of the project (crosswalks) will need to occur in the spring. Having minor issues with the streetlight manufacturer which may impede the timing of streetlight installations. SMSC donated Chief Sakpe statue and $50,000 for refurbishment and installation.
Historic Preservation/Tourism: Continuing. In addition to the effort to improve downtown for its cultural/historical tourism aspects, the City Council approved the Shakopee Heritage Society's history park on Nov. 7.
Process to Recruit Higher Paying Jobs: On hold. Need to offset the negative press received as part of the collapse of the downtown hotel/apartment project and the uncertainty of the Canterbury project. The process for recruiting higher paying jobs often requires public/private partnerships with an active economic development process. There appears to be a split in council and a small part of the community that looks upon the use of economic development tools, such as TIFs, abatements and public/private partnership agreements, as problematic. This has a direct impact on the ability to recruit higher paying jobs.
Redevelopment Toolbox and Policy: Continuing. Multiple tools added for redevelopment, including the use of sewer availability charge credits and reworking of the park dedication fees. There continues to be an issue in regard to a defined city perspective towards redevelopment due to a split on council.
City Property Development Strategy/Excess Property Marketing Process and Implementation: Continuing. Although staff actively searched for and engaged developers, resulting in two dynamic and transformative projects (hotel and apartment building), financial concerns, political instability, negative press and social media issues caused the developer to withdraw its proposal. On a positive note, staff was able to close the deal on our 169 property for two businesses (one expansion – a dog daycare – and one new – a treatment facility).
City Hall Redevelopment (LT): Continuing. After the collapse of the CPM deal, staff proposed an RFP process that council approved Oct. 17. RFPs were sent out Nov. 9 and are due back to the city by Jan. 5.
Old Mall Redevelopment (LT): Continuing. City actions for its Highway 169 property will stimulate this area.
Downtown Redevelopment (LT): Continuing. Ultimately, city actions on the city hall parcel and former Doggy Doo's site will stimulate more redevelopment downtown. Currently part of RFP process noted above. 

Miscellaneous Projects

Signage/Wayfinding: Continuing. The council approved the Shakopee Historical Society’s signage project for the area around the springs on Nov. 7. City staff will look for wayfinding signage upon completion of the downtown project.
Use of Committees
Code Enforcement: Continuing, Code Enforcement Policy updated. City staff has proposed a full-time code enforcement position as part of the 2018 budget process.
Transparency/Communications: Continuing. In addition to redesigning the budget process to be more transparent over the last few years, we have started the process of making the budget document more readable and understandable to residents. We have continued our Coffee with the Administrator and added a department head community meeting. We will be hosting Beers at Badger Hill with the city administrator Dec. 12. Internally, we have added more information to our weekly updates sent to council that will include check-ins from both our Comprehensive Plan process and our Engineering and Public Works activities.  
School Resource Officer Program Review/Training: On hold as we look to see some stability in the school district leadership. 
Community Engagement/Neighborhood Group Activity: Comprehensive Plan process has provided opportunities for community engagement.
Southbridge Fire Partnership (LT): Joint study completed. We are awaiting a decision by SMSC to participate. We also submitted a first-time request for state bonding funds for design and construction.