City Council 2018 Work Plan

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In March 2018, the City Council adopted its 2018 work plan, which also outlines several long-term (LT) projects.


  • Low Taxes
  • Continued Financial Stability
  • Stable Tax Rate
  • Increased Tax Capacity
  • Increased Bond Rating – AAA (LT)

Parks and Recreation

  • Park Asset Planning Process
  • Park Building/Maintenance/Replacement Review
  • Private/Public Partnerships
  • Trail Signage (distance/locations)
  • Trail Connections
  • Park Asset Marketing
  • Recreation Program Review
  • Park and Recreation Expenditure Review

Land Planning

  • Life-Cycle Housing (density, affordability, market-driven)
  • River Crossing Capacity Increase (LT)
  • Riverfront Improvements (LT)

Economic Development/Infrastructure

  • Riverfront Development
  • Attraction of High Paying Jobs
  • Continued Downtown Improvement and Redevelopment
  • City Hall Parcel Redevelopment
  • Rev. Pond Statue
  • Developer Fee/Regulation Review

Miscellaneous Projects

  • Transparency/Communications
  • Community Engagement/Communication
  • Southbridge Fire Partnership (LT)