Flooding Update for Highway 41 in Chaska 

According to the Minnesota Department of Transportation, Highway 41 will close between Highway 169 and Chaska Boulevard at 7 p.m. Thursday, March 21, due to the rising water levels of the Minnesota River. Highway 41 will remain closed until the water recedes and any damage to the road can be repaired. Motorists can expect additional traffic on the Highway 101 river crossing in Shakopee.

City Council 2019 Work Plan

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In March 2019, the City Council adopted its 2019 work plan, which also outlines several long-term (LT) projects.


  • Low Taxes
  • Continued Financial Stability
  • Stable Tax Rate
  • Increased Tax Capacity
  • Increased Bond Rating – AAA (LT)

Parks and Recreation

  • Trail Signage and Wayfinding (distance/locations)
  • Trail Connections

Land Planning

  • Life-Cycle Housing (density, affordability, market-driven)
  • Development Fees and Regulation Review
  • Continued Innovative Planning and Development
  • Louisville Township Orderly Annexation Agreement (LT)
  • River Crossing Capacity Increase (LT)

Economic Development/Infrastructure

  • Riverfront Development
  • Attraction of High Paying Jobs
  • Phase II Downtown Development
  • "Shakopee University" Innovation Center

Miscellaneous Projects

  • Citywide Public/Private Partnerships
  • Transparency/Communications
  • Community Engagement and Education
  • Joint City/Committee Meetings to Provide Guidance and Direction
  • Historic Tourism
  • Southbridge Fire Partnership (LT)
  • River Water Quality (LT)

Previous Years Work Plans

2018 [PDF]

2017 [PDF]

2016 [PDF]