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Surface Water

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Surface water is water that collects on the surface of the ground and carry only surface runoff, street wash and snow melt from the land. Surface water storm sewers are completely separate from those that carry wastewater (sanitary sewers) and municipal water (tap water). 

The Surface Water Maintenance Division maintains the city’s surface water drainage system, which includes catch basins, storm sewers, creeks, ponds, wetlands, lakes, lift stations and ditches to manage surface water runoff.

The surface water drainage system is designed to accommodate the quantity of water runoff, thus protecting residents from flooding and removing significant amounts of pollutants from the water. 

Surface Water Drainage Map [PDF]

Surface Water Drainage Policy [PDF]

Local Surface Water Management Plan 2019 [PDF]

Responsibilities include:

  • Mowing and spraying drainage ditches
  • Sweeping streets 
  • Maintenance of ditches and retention/detention ponds 
  • Maintenance of catch basins
  • Maintenance and repair of storm sewer pipes

Find information on the city’s surface water rates.

Surface Water Management

Learn more about how the city, residents and businesses work together to better manage surface water runoff: Storm Water Management Pollution Prevention Program.


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