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The city owns a portion of the land between the street and people's homes. This area, called a boulevard or right-of-way, is public land and is specifically dedicated for public purposes, such as street and utility work.

The city uses the right-of-way to maintain and construct roadways, sidewalks, sewer lines, gas lines, phone lines, and other utilities and to store snow. The size of the boulevard adjacent to a property depends on the size of the dedicated right-of-way, the width of the street and the location of the street.

Property owners are required to mow and maintain the boulevard area adjacent to their property, with the exception of trees located within the right-of-way, which are maintained by the city.

More information about right-of-way management: City Code 90.30-90.58

Public Works PermitsDepartmentsPhone
Right-of-Way Insurance RegistrationCity Clerk952-233-9300
Right-of-Way PermitPublic Works952-233-9550