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What will be Shakopee's future? How can we work together to ensure the city's future is successful? How can we leverage resources, plan strategically and make sound decisions to accomplish shared goals?

Envision Shakopee logoIn November 2019, the City Council approved the 2040 Comprehensive Plan, known as Envision Shakopee, as the city's vision and blueprint for the next 20 years. The plan reflects the community's shared concerns and aspirations, anticipates future growth and redevelopment needs, guides decision making and addresses our responsibility to future generations.  

The planning process behind Envision Shakopee included a significant community engagement process to ensure the plan represents the community's aspirations. The document itself includes a significant shift in tone, structure and visual appeal from the 2030 plan. It is an inclusive, customer-oriented plan organized around a community-driven set of values and goals (the vision). Upon completion, it will guide future city decision-making and initiatives through a set of action-oriented strategies, tactics and outcomes (the blueprint).

Big Ideas for Shakopee's Future