UPDATE: Statement from CenterPoint Energy 

Morning Nov. 12, 2019

Last night, CenterPoint Energy experienced an interruption in gas pressure on our pipeline system in Shakopee. As a result, gas service was shut off to about 600 residential and business customers in the Shakopee downtown business district and some areas immediately to the north and south of downtown.

CenterPoint Energy crews worked overnight to identify and correct the problem. Since early this morning, technicians have been going to the affected homes and businesses to ensure that gas service is safely restored. These technicians are clearly identified as being with CenterPoint Energy. If the customer is not available, the technician will return several times and ultimately leave contact information for the customer to call to get service restored.

The goal is to have all service restored today. CenterPoint Energy apologizes for this inconvenience to our customers.

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The the most up to date information of Envision Shakopee can be found here

What will be Shakopee's future? How can we work together to ensure the city's future is successful? How can we leverage resources, plan strategically and make sound decisions to accomplish shared goals?

Envision Shakopee logoThe comprehensive plan is the city's vision and blueprint for the next 20 years and through an extensive planning process will work to address the questions above. It reflects the community's shared concerns and aspirations, anticipates future growth and redevelopment needs, guides decision making and addresses our responsibility to future generations.  

The City of Shakopee is overhauling its comprehensive plan to provide the city with a clear vision and blueprint for the next 20 years in a process and plan known as Envision Shakopee.

The planning process behind Envision Shakopee included a significant community engagement process to ensure the resulting plan represents the community's aspirations. The document itself includes a significant shift in tone, structure and visual appeal from the existing 2030 plan. The plan is an inclusive, customer-oriented plan organized around a community-driven set of values and goals (the vision). Upon completion, it will guide future city decision-making and initiatives through a set of action-oriented strategies, tactics and outcomes (the blueprint).

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  • What is a comprehensive plan?
  • What topics does the comprehensive plan address?
  • Why update the comprehensive plan?
  • How can I get involved in the process?
  • What impact will the comprehensive plan have on daily functions and operations of the city?
  • Will the plan include anticipated annexation of and growth into Jackson Township?
  • Aren't there a number of plans already in existence? How is this different?
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