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Body Worn Cameras

body worn cameraIn 2016, the Shakopee Police Department received a $60,000 body worn camera grant from the Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Assistance. The grant will help the department fund 50 body cameras and accessories, as well as necessary server storage equipment. 

As part of the grant, the city must develop a body worn camera policy. The department is currently seeking community input on its proposed policy (see below). We'd love to hear your thoughts, concerns or ideas. Feedback will be considered as we finalize our draft policy.

City of Shakopee Body Worn Camera Policy - Draft [PDF]

Minnesota General Records Retention Schedule [PDF]

Update from April 11 City Council Meeting

The City Council discussed the proposed body worn camera policy at its April 11 workshop. Several technical questions emerged during the session. Responses to the concerns are posted below:

  1. We can be assured that the videos are not being edited when they shouldn’t be. The system is designed not to allow for the original video to be altered in any way. If a video requires any modification, such as redaction for public release, a child copy of the video is automatically created for this purpose leaving the original video in the system intact. The Getac Veretos software logs the original file state, through a calculation of a checksum, and would produce a system error if the original file was ever modified.  Getac software has built in reporting to verify the validity of all video files and logs who has accessed any video within the system.
  2. How is the video backed up? Microsoft Azure storage provides replicated storage to a minimum of four data center locations once the data is stored in the cloud. Microsoft ensures one of those storage locations is a minimum of 500 miles away from the primary data center to account for a large disaster in a particular region.
  3. What are the security procedures to ensure the data isn’t hacked in the cloud? Microsoft provides a very robust and comprehensive secure environment through a multi-layered defense. This includes file logging and auditing, 24x7 global incident response teams, data encryption and many other layers of network and infrastructure protection. Storage of police video is also under additional regulation through Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) requirements forged by Federal and State criminal justice agencies to which Getac has compliance. There is no system in the world that can guarantee to be 100 percent “hack proof,” but Microsoft provides one of the safest environments for this type of data.


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