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The Public Works Department is responsible for the planning, operation and maintenance of the sanitary sewer system and the storm drainage system. Water and electric services within the city are municipally owned and independently operated by Shakopee Public Utilities.

Sewer, water, electric and storm drainage services are all billed to city residents by Shakopee Public Utilities on a monthly basis.

For questions about utility bills, contact:

Shakopee Public Utilities
255 Sarazin St.
Shakopee, MN 55379

Phone: 952-445-1988
Email: customerservice@shakopeeutilities.com
Website: spucweb.com

Sanitary Sewer

  • Departments:Engineering, Public Works
  • Divisions:Utilities for Residents, Utilities for Businesses
  • Phone:952-233-9300

The city owns and operates the sanitary sewer collection system. Collected wastewater is conveyed to the Metropolitan Council Environmental Service’s Blue Lake Treatment Plant where it is treated and discharged. Sewer rates are set by the City Council and reflect the costs of operating and maintaining the collection system, as well as the charges imposed by the Metropolitan Council for treatment. Billing and collection for sanitary sewer services are handled by Shakopee Public Utilities on the same statement as water and electrical charges.

From April to November, sanitary sewer fees are capped at 150 percent of your March water usage, with a minimum cap of 5,000 gallons 

2019 Rates

 Sanitary Sewer Rate, per billing cycle

Flat rate per billing cycle


City rate per 1,000 gallons


Metropolitan Council rate per 1,000 gallons


Flat fee for unmetered residential, per billing cycle


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