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Licenses & Permits

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The City of Shakopee issues many different types of permits and licenses. While many can be purchased online, some require in-person application. Select your permit type for more information.

Liquor Licenses

  • Departments:City Clerk
  • Divisions:Business Licenses
  • Phone:952-233-9300
  • Fax:952-233-3801
  • Apply In Person City Hall, 485 Gorman St.

Minnesota state law regulates the sale and possession of alcohol and liquor. All businesses and organizations aiming to sell and serve beer, wine and alcohol must be licensed by the city. Liquor licenses are only applicable for portions of a building where alcohol is served, not the full establishment.

The city issues liquor licenses for the following:

  • 3.2 Beer (On-Sale; Off-Sale; Temporary On-Sale)
  • Intoxicating Liquor (On-Sale; Off-Sale; Sunday On-Sale; Club On-Sale; Temporary On-Sale)
  • Taprooms and Small Breweries
  • Wine

Common Liquor License Requests - Which license applications should you fill out?

Liquor Store  Part I Liquor
 Part II Beer & Liquor
 Mark Off-Sale on application
Beer/Wine  Part I Wine
 Part I Beer
 Part II Beer & Liquor
Full Bar  Part I & Part II Liquor
Full Bar with Off-Sale  Part I & Part II Liquor
 Mark Off-Sale on application

How to Obtain a New License

Obtaining a liquor license is a multi-step process. City Council approval is required for all new and renewal licenses. Businesses should allow two months to process a license.

  1. Print out application instructions:
  2. Applicant submits paperwork, including:
  3. Police Department conducts a background check investigation
  4. City Council approves liquor license
  5. City collects license fee (see Fee Schedule)
  6. City submits paperwork to the state
  7. Once approved, the city issues license

How to Obtain a License Renewal

Licenses must be renewed annually on the state fiscal-year basis from July 1 to June 30.

  1. Applicant submits paperwork:
  2. City Council approves liquor license
  3. City collects license fee (see Fee Schedule)

How to Obtain a Temporary License

Non-profit organizations may apply for a temporary beer or liquor license a maximum of 12 times per year. These licenses are good for one to four days and should be submitted 30 days prior to the event. No background check is required for temporary licenses.

  1. Applicant submits paperwork and $35 fee:
  2. City Council approves liquor license
  3. City submits paperwork to the state
  4. Once approved, the city issues license

Additional Notes

Schedule an appointment

Applicants are asked to schedule an appointment with the City Clerk's Office prior to bringing in a business license application. Call 952-233-9300 and ask for Heidi or Lori to set up an appointment.


Licenses are issued July 1 through June 30. For licenses issued after July 1, fees will be prorated. Licenses fees are found in annual Fee Schedule.


All licensed premises are open for inspection by the Police Department. Establishments in violation of city, state or federal regulations may be fined and/or have their license suspended or revoked.

Public Property

City Code prohibits consumption and possession of an alcoholic beverage in any city park, street, public property or private parking lot without specific permission from the City Council.

Outdoor Patios

Minnesota state law requires outdoor patios serving alcohol to be “compact and contiguous.”

Outdoor patios must be:

  • Clearly defined, e.g., surrounded by a fence
  • Contiguous to an establishment, e.g., adjacent to the liquor-serving establishment and only accessible through existing business entrance
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Driver's Licenses

The Scott County Customer Service Center, located at 400 Fourth Ave. W., Shakopee, provides driver’s license application and renewal, motor vehicle plates and title transactions, passport applications and renewal.

Business Licensing or Regulation

Currently the city does not license or regulate most businesses. For state or county licensing, contact the Minnesota Small Business Assistance Office at 651-556-8425.

Food and Health Licenses

If an individual business involves working with food, or if interested in obtaining a caterer's license, contact the Minnesota Department of Health.

Charitable Gambling Licenses

Contact the Gambling Control Board at 651-639-4072 for information.