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Licenses & Permits

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The City of Shakopee issues many different types of permits and licenses. While many can be purchased online, some require in-person application. Select your permit type for more information.

Home Occupations

A home occupation is defined as any gainful occupation or profession engaged in by the occupant of a dwelling when carried on within a dwelling unit or an accessory building. A home occupation may be a permitted accessory use if it complies with the minimum requirements of City Code 151.007(G):

  1. The activity does not involve the warehousing, except incidental storage of merchandise offered for sale in connection with the home occupation.
  2. The home occupation may be carried on by persons residing in the dwelling unit and not more than one employee who does not reside in the dwelling unit.
  3. Shall provide off-street parking for the employee.
  4. All material or equipment shall be stored within an enclosed structure.
  5. Objectionable noise, vibration, smoke, dust, electrical disturbances, odors, heat, glare or other nuisance factors shall not be discernible at the property line.
  6. The home occupation shall not create excessive automobile traffic within the neighborhood.
  7. Shall not have any receipt or delivery of merchandise, goods or supplies except through the United States mail, similar parcel delivery service, or personal vehicles not exceeding 1 ton.
  8. May have outside off-street parking of no more than one commercial vehicle or vehicle identified for business purposes, not to exceed 1-ton capacity which is used for both personal and business transportation. The vehicle shall be owned by and registered to an occupant of the property and parked in a screened location.
  9. Shall meet the zone’s off-street parking requirements for all vehicles.

Submitting an application

  1. Apply on our ePermits site. 
  2. Pay application fees online with a credit card. This will begin your project and create a project on our ePlans website. Once your project is created and fees paid, you will receive an email notification from with a temporary password and instructions how to log in.
  3. Upload the Home Occupation Application [PDF] through ePlans. All planning projects need to be accompanied by the appropriate planning application, as well as additional submittal requirements.
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Driver's Licenses

The Scott County Customer Service Center, located at 400 Fourth Ave. W., Shakopee, provides driver’s license application and renewal, motor vehicle plates and title transactions, passport applications and renewal.

Business Licensing or Regulation

Currently the city does not license or regulate most businesses. For state or county licensing, contact the Minnesota Small Business Assistance Office at 651-556-8425.

Food and Health Licenses

If an individual business involves working with food, or if interested in obtaining a caterer's license, contact the Minnesota Department of Health.

Charitable Gambling Licenses

Contact the Gambling Control Board at 651-639-4072 for information.