You can now submit planning and development applications via our online ePermits software. You can also pay application fees online using a credit card. If you have any questions, please contact Kelly Buska, permit coordinator, at 952-233-9322.


The Planning and Zoning Division is responsible for the review and management of development and redevelopment to ensure projects are orderly, efficient and of high standard. The division's main functions include:

Planning & Zoning Applications

Requests for zoning changes, variances, conditional use permits, subdivisions, site plans, plats, easement vacation and comprehensive plan amendments require review by the Planning Commission and approval by the City Council.

Final Plat

Each subdivision shall establish the number, layout and location of lots, blocks and parcels to be created, as well as the location of streets, utilities, park and drainage facilities and land to be dedicated for public use. Furthermore, any property to be subdivided which abuts a county road or state highway must be submitted to the highway authority for review. The highway department shall be allowed a minimum of 30 days to conduct its review and provide comments. See: City Code 150.03

Submitting an application

  1. Apply on our ePermits site. 
  2. Pay application fees online with a credit card. This will begin your project and create a project on our ePlans website. Once your project is created and fees paid, you will receive an email notification from with a temporary password and instructions how to log in.
  3. Upload the Multi-Purpose Planning & Zoning Application [PDF] (see document for submittal dates) through ePlans. All planning projects need to be accompanied by the appropriate planning application, as well as additional submittal requirements.

Additional submittal requirements

Submittal requirements, including drawing requirements, are listed in City Code 150.03.

  • A completed application form
  • Fees as specified in the adopted city fee schedule
  • All required drawings as specified below:
    • Drawing of the final plat
    • Drawing of the area plat
    • Construction plans for all public improvements
  • When applicable to the land being subdivided, the developer shall submit the following documentation:
    • Construction plans for all public improvements, including but not limited to: streets, sewer mains, storm drainage facilities, sidewalks, trails, street lights and other public improvements governed by city design criteria; and watermains and other public improvements governed by Shakopee Public Utilities design criteria.
    • Any required permits or approvals, including but not limited to: Minnesota Department of Transportation permit to work in the right-of-way; Scott County permit to work in the right-of-way; Minnesota Pollution Control Agency national pollutant discharge elimination system permit; Minnesota Pollution Control Agency sanitary sewer extension permit; and city street cut permit for utility installation.
    • A petition for improvements intended to be constructed by the city and specially assessed under Minn. Stat. Chapter 429, if desired by the developer.
  • Other documentation as deemed appropriate or necessary by the city planner. 

Common Interest Community subdivisions

In addition to the items listed above, in Common Interest Community subdivisions the developer shall provide the following:

  • Evidence that perpetual access is provided to each unit
  • Evidence that a perpetual easement or other access is provided for utilities to each unit
  • Evidence that a perpetual easement or other egress is provided for storm water drainage from each unit
  • Evidence that perpetual maintenance of common areas is provided for
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