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#AsktheCity: Development Process

Post Date:11/25/2019 12:03 pm

City staff often receive questions about proposed development projects. Sometimes these projects are concepts; other times they are working through the approval process. 

Do all development projects require City Council approval?

No. Projects require different levels of approval depending on use and zoning. For example, a new restaurant moving into an existing commercial building would be considered a permitted use and not require any Planning Commission or City Council approval. However, a restaurant wanting to build a new facility in a undeveloped area would need to go through a plat process to create a lot, ensure it meets zoning requirements and receive council approval.

I read about a project online. When will construction start?

Just because a project is in the news does not mean it's a done deal. Projects must be reviewed by multiple agencies before reaching the City Council. In fact, many developers bring concept proposals to the city's Development Review Committee before even submitting an official application to work out bugs and identify challenges.

Can the city reject a business or development?

If a business fits within a zoning district's permitted use, the city cannot prohibit it. However, the Planning Commission and City Council can establish conditions for development for any project requiring rezoning, a conditional use permit, variance or planned unit development.

I want to open a business in Shakopee. How do I know where I can locate?

Before purchasing a building or house, it's a good idea to understand how the structure can be used and what future development in the area is planned. We encourage you to contact the city's Planning Division to discuss your ideas and city zoning regulations.

How will I know if development is planned for my neighborhood? 

The city has legal requirements to notify property owners within certain distances of proposed projects requiring conditional use permits, variances and rezoning. We also post all public hearings in the Shakopee Valley News and on the city website, as well as install large yellow or white signs at the site of major development projects.

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This column originally appeared in the Winter 2020 Hometown Messenger.

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