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Get fit in 2019

Post Date:12/26/2018 9:00 am

This story originally appeared in the Winter 2019 Hometown Messenger 

Jan. 1 is right around the corner. Have you started your New Year’s resolution list? Is getting in shape at the top of the list?  You’re not alone. Every year, millions of people resolve to go to the gym, lose weight or build muscle. But where to start? Instructor helping woman with pose in class

  1. Create specific and attainable goals. Instead of “I want to lose weight,” a more specific goal would be, “I will work out three times this week for 30 minutes.” You can’t always control how much weight you lose, but you can control your time. The Shakopee Community Center offers more than 60 group fitness classes throughout the day, ranging from 30 minutes to one hour, to fit into your busy schedule.
  2. Find a workout buddy. Ask a friend or partner to commit to working out with you. You can attend classes at the same time or use ellipticals next to each other. The Community Center also offers two-person personal training sessions.
  3. Find exercises and classes that appeal to you. If spending an hour on the treadmill sounds like a drag, but you enjoy dancing, try a Zumba or Barre Blend class. That hour will fly by!
  4. Diversify your workout. Try different cardio and strength equipment. Go to various group fitness classes. Variety helps to keep you from hitting a fitness plateau. Plus, you might find out a class or machine you didn’t think you’d like has now become a favorite!
  5. Include strength training to work all of your major muscle groups. A well-balanced fitness program includes cardio and strength. There are free weights, weight machines and classes like Kettlebell, Barbell Strength and Body Sculpt that will work all your muscle groups. Other classes like 50/50 and Cycle Boot Camp will include both cardio and strength components.
  6. Hire a personal trainer. If you are a new exerciser or simply don’t know where to begin, a personal trainer can be a great resource. He or she will work with you on proper form and will create an individualized exercise plan to help you achieve your goals. More information on personal training, including rates, can be found on page 24.
  7. Don’t get discouraged. If you didn’t run 10 miles to hit your cardio goal this week or if you went out to dinner instead of taking Water Aerobics like you’d planned, don't beat yourself up. Give yourself a break and start fresh the next day.

Getting in shape is a great resolution!  The Shakopee Community Center and its fitness programs can help. You can find building hours, group fitness class schedules and personal training information by visiting our website at

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