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Following every City Council meeting, the Communications Division produces a recap of the meeting. For more information, contact Kristin Doran, Communications Coordinator, at 952-233-9355.

After Council Report: Dec. 4

Post Date:12/05/2018 3:30 pm

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The Shakopee City Council met on Tuesday, Dec. 4. Among the meeting highlights:

City Council delivers Tax Cut as part of the proposed 2019 Budget and Property Tax Levy

City Council reviewed the proposed 2019 Budget and Property Tax Levy, and held an open meeting to allow residents the opportunity to address the council with concerns and questions.

The proposed budget is expected to cut city taxes to many Shakopee residents absent the change of home value. Additionally, the proposed tax rate will be reduced from 37.971 percent to an estimated 35.231 percent.

The city council took no formal action and will vote on the final 2019 budget at the Dec. 18 meeting.

More information: Darin Nelson, Director of Finance 952-233-9326


Council reviews Ridge Creek Park plan

City Council reviewed design concepts for the Ridge Creek Park plan. The Ridge Creek Park opportunity was created when Lennar Homes contributed more than 40 acres of land, and $500,000 in park dedication fees to the city as part of its development.

The design concept for Ridge Creek Park includes trail connections to major trails in Shakopee. Other elements include a boardwalk, scenic overlooks and landscaping. It is likely that Riverside Fields will be incorporated into Ridge Creek Park.

Council made comments and asked questions regarding the design concept. Staff will bring a contract for landscaping and engineering services to the Dec. 18 Council meeting. Construction is expected to begin in 2019.

More information: Michael Kerski, Director of Planning and Development 952-233-9346


Council approves the 2019 Fee Schedule

The fee schedule, which outlines all fees that city collects, was approved by the City Council. Most changes proposed are minor adjustments to account for inflation or to align the City's fees with actual costs. All proposed fees were considered in the preparation of the 2019 budget.

Among the changes:

  • Public Works Equipment Service Charges increased by 3% to account for inflationary increases.
  • Trunk Sanitary, Storm Water charges minor increase to align with actual costs.
  • Right of way permit fees increased to align with actual cost, inserted small cell wireless fees previously approved by Council.
  • Sewer Service increased to align with actual cost.
  • Sewer access charge credits increased to align with actual value.
  • Alternative Urban Area Review (AUAR) west end per acre fee established.
  • Building permit fee calculation adjustments.
  • Police Hourly rate for contracted services increased to align with actual cost.

More information: Nate Burkett, Assistant City Administrator 952-233-9310


Council tables request for SAC credits for Willy McCoys

City Council tabled a request for sewer availability charge (SAC) credits for Willy McCoys restaurant. A SAC charge is a one-time fee that a residence or business pays to the Metropolitan Council when they first make a connection to a regional sewer system. The restaurant has requested SAC credits in the amount of $77,035 to offset the total cost of $176,000, which includes a water access charge from Shakopee Public Utilities.

After a discussion about potential changes to the City’s policy and requirements for SAC credits, the Council elected to table the discussion until the Dec. 18 meeting.

More information: Michael Kerski, Director of Planning and Development 952-233-9346


Council accepts grants from Scott County CDA

The City of Shakopee was awarded $95,040 to use toward completing an Alternative Urban Area Review (AURA) of the west end of Shakopee and $30,000 to conduct a feasibility study for a countywide innovation center.

More information: Michael Kerski, Director of Planning and Development 952-233-9346


Council tables vote on Public Works structural changes

Council tabled a vote on Public Works structural changes. The outlined changes will be discussed at the Dec. 18 meeting.

More information: Steve Lillehaug, City Engineer, Public Works Director 952-233-8842


These summaries are a sampling of the meeting. See the entire agenda packet with supporting documents at The meeting is also available for viewing on demand at past After Council Reports.

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