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Public Works director built roads, bridges and positive relationships

Post Date:06/12/2017 11:00 a.m.

Read the story in the Summer 2017 Hometown Messenger

After 22 years, Bruce Loney knows exactly why he came to the City of Shakopee and, more importantly, why he stayed.

"I just felt like I came home," said Loney, who officially retired as Public Works Director/City Engineer May 31. "I made connections with people right away. For me, it's always been easy to go to work. It's fun."

Bruce LoneyAround City Hall, Loney is known for his humor, peacemaking and love of all things North Dakota State University. He's been a stalwart in an organization that has seen its share of change in leadership following decades of rapid growth.

When Loney joined the city in February 1995, Shakopee looked very different. The city was just months away from the opening of the Highway 169 Bloomington Ferry Bridge. For the next 10 years, Shakopee grew steadily and its infrastructure needed to keep up. 

Thus, to say Loney built the city is hardly an understatement. He had his hand in nearly every major project that came into Shakopee over the last 25 years. 

His impact, however, goes beyond roads, sewers and trails. When development slowed, Loney helped shift his department's focus from building infrastructure to maintaining it by developing asset management plans, creating right-of-way management and GIS programs and constructing a new Public Works building.

Yet, Loney is most proud of the relationships he's built – internally and externally. "[I enjoy] seeing my employees grow to the level they can grow and giving them opportunities to do so. When they do well, it's better than when I do well."

Loney's relationship building extends to other departments, agencies and even among community residents. He's well respected in his field and was named the 2016 Minnesota Municipal Engineer of the Year – a fitting tribute for a public servant who has always felt right at home doing what he loves.

"I've felt Shakopee is a city of character with a lot of characters," he said. "It's been fun working side-by-side those characters to build this city's character."