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Envisioning the future

Post Date:06/07/2017 4:07 p.m.

Read the story in the Summer 2017 Hometown Messenger

Stop for a moment and imagine it is the year 2040. What is Shakopee like? What do you see? What makes it a great place to live, work and visit?

Now, how do we bring that vision to life?

The city is kicking off Envision Shakopee, an update to its comprehensive plan and the city’s blueprint for the future. 

Senior Planner Eric Weiss describes how the 2040 plan will be a significant shift in process, tone and structure from previous city plans.

What is a comprehensive plan? 
In short, the comprehensive plan is the community’s vision for the future and an outline of the strategic actions and steps necessary to achieve the vision. The plan addresses issues, trends and problem areas while identifying opportunities for improvement and highlighting the community’s best features. 

Engagement Graph

Why are we updating our plan?
The last plan was adopted in 2008. Our city, region, state, county and world have changed drastically since then. (The iPhone was only a year old at that point and we were in the middle of the Great Recession!) 

The city needs a plan that addresses our current situation and helps us make decisions for today and our future. It’s also important that we hear from those who live, work and visit the city, a process that will be very different from previous plans. State law also requires cities, townships and counties in the metro area update their plans every 10 years. 

How will the city use the plan?
We want to create a plan that is, first and foremost, usable and can guide our decisions in the future. It will touch every part of city government and  inform the city’s budget, policies, programs, projects, communications and daily operations.  The plan will be used to guide things like housing, transportation, jobs, parks and utilities. Its flexibility will allow the city to make regular updates.

Get Involved!

 Residents and business owners will have opportunities to share input, offer feedback and impact the plan every step of the way – and in many different ways. 

For example, we’ll be launching a fully interactive website dedicated to the plan. We’ll also be hosting hands-on, engaging workshops, listening sessions and open houses. 

You’ll see us at community events and leading small-group workshops. City staff is happy to come speak to your group or organization. 

We will also have a “Do It Yourself” planning kit with all the resources and questions needed to host your own community planning meeting. 

Will the average resident be able to understand it?
Yes! The plan won’t be successful if it’s not accessible. Our goal is to create a plan that uses plain language and graphics to share the community vision and outline the city’s plan for the future. We want it to be visually appealing and accessible to everyone in our community. 

What is the project timeline?
In May, the City Council hired MKSK, an award-winning consulting firm based in Ohio, to facilitate Shakopee’s planning process and to provide technical resources and expertise unavailable at City Hall. The project timeline is below.

Project Timeline

Where can I get more information?