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Customer-friendly is our No. 1 goal

Updated: 06/30/2017

One project I have had the privilege to spend a lot of time on is the construction of the new Shakopee City Hall. As the building comes together, it is easy to see it was designed with customer service in mind. 

Crews working in main entranceAs a customer, you will be able to walk into the building, be immediately greeted and easily find where you need to go. The City Hall design is imperative to this customer-friendly experience, but there are also operational details to work out to serve you better. Much of what happens at City Hall is a collaborative effort. If you apply for a permit or license, it might require staff review from three or four different departments. Our goal is to use technology and best practices to ensure that your time and our time is spent wisely.

For example, our new ePermits and ePlans allows customers to apply for permits electronically and upload supporting documents through our website. This allows staff to review permits more quickly and efficiently, making it a more convenient process for all.

Another example is recently we have begun using tools common in the business world, such as LEAN and Kaizen, to help streamline processes. These tools eliminate duplication, reduce waiting times and produce quality work. 

As public servants, it is our duty to diligently learn new approaches to our work to deliver the best possible outcome. Improving what we do is a continual effort. When you walk into the new City Hall, you will enjoy a new customer friendly experience, but we want you to know that we are still working on it, and we always will!

  1. Updated: 06/30/2017