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A lesser known trail

Bruce Loney
by Bruce Loney05/23/2017 12:00 pm
Updated: 06/14/2017

As Shakopee's city engineer for the past 23 years, I have been involved in many projects. One of the more satisfying was building a trail under County Highway 101 into Memorial Park in 2015. 

Trail along busy highwayThe Mill Pond trail was important for several reasons. First, County Highway 101 at Sarazin Street is a four-lane highway and is a very dangerous crossing. For cyclists and pedestrians to safely access Memorial Park, we needed a trail under 101, using the Mill Pond bridge into Memorial Park.

The construction of the trail also allowed us to provide a path to the historical monument that marks the location of the Samuel Pond cabin, which was built in 1847. Rev. Pond was invited by Chief Shakopee to mission at the Sioux Community village.

SpringsThe trail runs by three natural springs, called the Faribault Springs. This supplies the fresh water that flows into the Mill Pond Channel. Lastly, the trail allowed us to stabilize the Upper Valley Drainage channel by using retaining walls and riprap. 

When traveling the trail, you can visualize how and why this area was a great site for the early settlers and for the Shakopee tribe because of the fresh water. You can read the history of the monument from the Pond Mission cabin. As you continue down the trail by going underneath the bridge, you will enter into the Mill Pond area which is usually occupied by ducks and geese. Finally, you will enter Memorial Park, an area of much history. 

Take some time this summer and use this trail. It will be well worth your time as you enjoy all the unique features it offers. 

  1. Updated: 06/14/2017