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Update May 11: City Hall Construction

Updated: 05/11/2017

Office area under constructionConstruction on the new Shakopee City Hall is progressing slowly but surely. When inside the building you can really begin to get a sense of what the space will be like for employees and our customers. The building's main entry is especially impressive with the main stairway and ceiling installed. Just below the ceiling in the main lobby, the decorative light fixtures are energy efficient and sure to provide an elegant look that Shakopee can be proud of. 

A lot of focus is on the details of the interior of the building. During the last couple of weeks a significant amount of time has been spent getting the City Council chambers ready for all of the technology equipment that needs to be moved in so we can broadcast council meetings.

Council Chambers under constructionThe heating and cooling systems are nearly completely installed and are about to be started up for the first time. Tiling of bathroom walls and floors is ongoing, and within a week or so we should begin seeing the woodwork going in. On the outside, the construction trailer will be moved off the site soon and work will begin on the landscaping and concrete walkways.

We still have a couple months and hurdles to get over, but we are in the home stretch. Pretty soon staff will be having discussions about moving in to the building and discovering how we can best serve our customers in Shakopee’s new City Hall!