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Introducing the new City Blog

Updated: 04/19/2017

Shakopee city government is changing. Some changes are visible, such as the construction of a new city hall. Some are not, including the revamp and retooling of several departments and major internal processes.

This blog is a new tool that represents our changing approach to providing government services. It is designed not to tell you what we are doing as much as the “why” behind what we do. I hope this increase in communication will increase our transparency, too. But the central “why” driving most of our future changes revolves around improving our customer service.

Customer Service Counter

So “Why can’t government be more like a business?” The short answer is we are not a business and look to provide something other than a product or service. We provide public value. We can – and must – however learn from business. When you shop at a store, you make a choice to pay for a good or service. Government takes your money. I believe that gives us a higher moral responsibility in what we deliver. Government must constantly analyze and change internal and external processes to become more efficient and deliver a better value for the price. We must not be satisfied with what we deliver to the public. 

The reconstruction of Shakopee city government will continue into the future. You will hear about many of our efforts in this blog. These changes are not and will not take place overnight. However, I hope you will continue to see improvement as we strive to deliver excellent customer service on a daily basis.