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#AsktheCity: Garbage rate increase, police officers at Amazon

Updated: 12/08/2017

We know you have questions about city services. We hear them in the community and read them on social media. Unfortunately, we cannot always respond to each individually.

We hope to use the City Blog to better address your questions and clear up any confusion.

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Q: Why did my garbage bill increase?

You may have noticed on your recent Republic Services’ bill a $2.50 increase in your monthly garbage and recycling rates. This is due in large part to an increase in tipping (disposal) fees that are passed onto the consumer.

Tipping fees are what landfills and other facilities charge garbage haulers to dispose of garbage at their facility. In the city's contract with Republic Services, these disposal fees are built into the monthly rates. When the costs of disposal go up, the increase is passed along in the monthly rates.

Earlier this year, Republic Services was notified the city's current disposal facility would be increasing its tipping fee from $70/ton to $115/ton. This would have resulted in a huge impact to consumers.

City staff and Republic Services researched alternative disposal facilities to save residents money. They found a lower cost option through Great River Energy Processing Facility in Elk River. Great River Energy charges $98/ton. While this still results in a monthly increase of $2.34 per household, it is a smaller increase than had the city remained with its current facility.

The City Council approved the fees in September. In addition, the council approved a $0.16-per-month collection increase for inflationary costs.

The increase was shared through city news outlets and in the Shakopee Valley News. Unfortunately, Republic Services did not directly notify residents through its billing. We will be working with them to improve communication in the future.

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UPDATE DEC. 8: We continue to hear from many Shakopee residents regarding the increase on their Republic Services billing. 

If your bill has increased by about $11 between last billing period and this one, the increase is in line with expectations. Republic appears to be billing for services from December 2017 to February 2018, which accounts for an increase of $7.50, as well as a retroactive charge of $2.50 for November 2017. With the state solid waste management tax included, the total is about $11. City staff is meeting with Republic the week of Dec. 11 to discuss its billing and notification practices.  

We have heard from several Shakopee residents that their bill went up by more than $11. If this is the case for you, please contact Nate Burkett at


Q: Why are there police officers sitting in Amazon parking lot?

Amazon contracts with the Shakopee Police Department for two officers to monitor traffic during shift change Monday through Friday. Amazon pays contractual overtime for the officers, which includes wages and benefits.

Contractual overtime is a common practice here in Shakopee where we have several large entertainment venues, businesses and churches that hire officers to provide additional security and traffic control. The police department plans to increase its hourly contractual services in 2018 from $80 to $85. 

  1. Updated: 12/08/2017