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Protecting the city against online threats

Updated: 11/17/2017

The City of Shakopee, like most government entities, uses technology to provide service to our customers more efficiently and effectively. As technology use has grown and changed, we collect more data than ever before; nearly all of which is stored electronically. Everything from council packets to video surveillance footage is stored on our servers. The abundance and variety of data we keep make security the utmost importance. 

cyber securityYou may think because some of the data we store is public that security is not as important for a city. But because some data is confidential under state law, we must protect it all from threats. Hackers can get in through vulnerabilities in systems and enter into systems that have tighter security. Our IT team does a great job monitoring our systems for vulnerabilities and ensures that all city staff have a heightened awareness of cyber threats.  

Among our proactive security efforts are:

  • Password security – The city has minimum password requirements, including length and usage of special characters to ensure our passwords cannot easily be guessed.
  • Awareness of email attachments – If an email attachment looks suspicious, city staff do not open it. Email attachments can have programs attached to them that can hijack your system or give a hacker unauthorized access.
  • Physical security – City staff ensures that their computers and devices are locked when they are not in use.
  • Keep software up to date – Most software companies issue updates to their product to close security holes that are vulnerable to a hacker. Keeping up with these updates decreases vulnerabilities. 

The city takes cybersecurity very seriously, and we spend a lot of time and effort to ensure data we keep is safe and secure. You can follow some of these steps as well – to ensure your personal data stays out of the hands of cyber criminals.

Here are a few of our favorite resources for cybersecurity: