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Traffic concerns? We hear you

Jeff Tate
by Jeff Tate, Police Chief11/03/2017 12:00 pm
Updated: 11/03/2017

One of the most common complaints we hear from residents are traffic-related complaints. Whether it’s the perception of speeding on one’s block or an issue with pedestrians crossing the road, our department has always looked at the three E’s of traffic safety education, engineering and enforcement. You need all three working together to have safe roads.

The city's traffic safety review committee works on those three “E’s” throughout the year, analyzing everything from crash history data to the information obtained from traffic feedback signs. It's one way we address your concerns.

We also occasionally seek resident feedback on traffic issues. Recently, we asked you on our department’s Facebook page which areas of the city do you see the most traffic issues. The response was fantastic. As of earlier this week, we received 373 comments, hundreds of likes and shares and 13 private messages about the topic. We then took the locations people thought were the most serious and directed patrol to those areas. Specifically, we directed extra patrol along 17th Avenue, Vierling Drive and Marschall Road near Top Star. We posted the results on our page. We will continue to do this type of activity and solicit your feedback in the future as well. 

While we cannot put an officer at every intersection, nor is that warranted, this type of feedback allows us to make the best use of discretionary patrol time. 

So keep sharing your thoughts and look for a story about traffic safety later this month in the Winter Hometown Messenger.