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Rumor Control: Memorial Park

Updated: 02/10/2020

We know you have questions about city services. We hear them in the community and read them on social media. Unfortunately, we cannot always respond to each individually.

We use the City Blog to better address your questions and clear up any confusion.

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Rumor: The city is closing Memorial Park

This rumor is entirely untrue. The City of Shakopee has no plans to close Memorial Park.

The Parks, Trails and Recreation Master Plan proposed a redesign of the city’s riverfront parks to improve riverfront access and create a cultural corridor that celebrates the region’s history. One aspect of that plan is to allow Memorial Park to return to a more passive, reflective space that embraces the cultural significance of the area and creates a more seamless relationship with The Landing-Minnesota River Heritage Park.

The confusion surrounding Memorial Park stems from ongoing conversations with local veteran organizations regarding potentially moving the veteran memorial flagpole and pavers at Memorial Park to a more dedicated conflict/war memorial at Huber Park. Doing so could create a more visible and accessible memorial the celebrates the contributions of Shakopee’s veterans and improve access to the event facilities already located at the park.

These discussions are at the very beginning of the city’s park development process – the ideation phase. This involves bringing in specific stakeholders, such as veteran service organizations, Three Rivers Park District and the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community, to seek feedback on potential park changes. At this point, the city has received valuable feedback from veteran service organizations, which is already being incorporated into park ideas, e.g., not moving the helicopter to Quarry Lake Park.

This post is also in response to inaccurate information posted by a City Council member regarding funding of potential park projects. The 2020-24 Capital Improvement Plan does include some funding for potential projects at Memorial Park, such as removing the aging playground and replacing the pedestrian bridge. Funding has also been set aside for riverfront stabilization at Huber Park, which would be necessary before building new infrastructure at the downtown park. No funding has been established for moving the helicopter.

Overall, the city’s park development process includes four phases with several public feedback opportunities. Residents will have opportunities to share feedback on any proposed community park changes at public meetings or online. To keep informed of park development process, we recommend signing up for updates at

If you have questions about any specific park projects, please contact our Planning Division at 952-233-9300.