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City Council to consider rate increases for garbage, recycling

Updated: 12/12/2019

At its Dec. 17 meeting, the City Council will be asked to consider rate increases for refuse and recycling collection and disposal for 2020.

Republic Services is proposing rate increases of approximately 4 percent, a monthly increase of 59 to 69 cents for homeowners depending on the size of their refuse container. The increases would set therates to similar levels as 2018, after a rate decrease in 2019.

The chart below shows your expected total monthly bill before taxes charged by the state and federal government:

 Total Monthly Fees  2018 2019
Change 2019-2020  Change 2018-2020 
 30 gallon  $13.05 $13.23  $13.82  4.46%  5.9% 
 60 gallon  $15.24 $14.98  $15.62  4.27%  2.49% 
 90 gallon  $17.40 $16.71  $17.40  4.13%  0% 

In January 2019, the City Council approved an extension with Republic Services to continue garbage and recycling service to all residences city-wide through 2022. This extension identified several fees that make up the rate. 

  • Collection and recycling fees—increasing 3 percent in 2020—are fees Republic collects to provide services to customers, including drivers’ wages, equipment and overhead.
  • Recycling processing fees—increasing by 22 cents/month in 2020—are fees Republic pays to Dem-Con to sort and process recycling. This fee was new in 2019 and will increase in 2020 due to the limited market for most recyclable goods at this time. This fee is set as close to actual cost as possible. Learn more about why recyclables have such a limited market.
  • Cart fees—not changing—are paid to “rent” refuse and recycling carts.
  • Disposal fees—increasing by 3 percent in 2020—are paid to Republic to dispose of refuse. Until 2019 the city’s refuse was taken to an incinerator. Last year, we switched to allow Republic to dispose of waste in its landfill. Landfilling is much more cost-effective. For example, the cost to landfill is going up much less in 2020 than incinerators in Hennepin County (8.8 percent) and Washington/Ramsey County (18 percent).

For more questions about the proposed rate changes, contact Assistant City Administrator Nate Burkett at 952-233-9310.