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Making ice for winter skating

Updated: 12/11/2019
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With temperatures taking a dive, hardy Minnesotans may be getting the itch to lace up their skates and take a spin on the city’s outdoor ice rinks.

City staff began flooding outdoor rinks this week. Rink preparation requires sustained temperatures below 32 degrees, preferably with overnight temperatures dipping into the single digits. Building ice can take up to two weeks as crews flood layer after layer of ice. The best time for flooding rinks is overnight when staff do not have to compete with the sun’s rays.

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We are tentatively aiming to open our outdoor rinks late next week. Watch the city website or Parks and Recreation Facebook page for updates.

This year, we will be using a new notification system to let residents know about the quality of ice. Ice conditions can fluctuate throughout the season depending on temperatures. Good-Fair-Poor badges will be updated at to indicate what conditions you should find at your neighborhood rink. Please note, conditions may vary by rink.

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This winter, the city will be flooding rinks in four locations: Green Meadows Park, Southbridge Community Park, Westminster Park and Lions Park. Warming houses will be available at Green Meadows, Southbridge and Westminster. Warming house hours are available on the city website.

Our Public Works staff will maintain rinks through February as temperatures allow. We appreciate everyone’s patience after snow events since our Park Maintenance staff help plow streets, parking lots, sidewalks and trails. If you have any concerns or questions about our ice conditions, please contact us 952-233-9550.

We hope everyone has a great skating season!