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Traffic safety committee: Listening to your concerns

Updated: 12/05/2019

The City of Shakopee maintains a traffic safety committee to evaluate traffic safety concerns throughout the community and provide solutions to improve the safety of roads in Shakopee.

Car driving past speed sign

The traffic safety committee includes staff from Public Works, Engineering and the Police Department. The committee meets quarterly to discuss concerns raised by community members or city staff. 

Here's how the committee works:

1. Submit a concern

The engineering division leads the traffic safety committee and is responsible for tracking all traffic safety related concerns, from speeding complaints to stop sign requests and pedestrian safety improvements. You can submit traffic safety concerns online or directly to the Engineering Division via email.

2. Gather data

Once a concern is submitted, a member of the Engineering Division will review the concern and contact the submitter if additional information or clarification is needed. The committee will work with other agencies (county, state, school, etc.) as appropriate. Once the concern is fully understood by engineering staff, traffic data is collected and reviewed. This data includes vehicle volumes, pedestrian volumes, speed, sight distance and accident history.

3. Review data

The committee reviews the concern and the investigative traffic data at its quarterly meetings and makes a decision together as a group. In determining appropriate action, the traffic safety committee follows guidelines set by the Minnesota Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, Federal Highway Administration and other governmental agencies.

4. Take action

Once a determination has been made, a traffic safety committee member will contact the original submitter to communicate the decision that was made for their specific request. Most traffic safety items are staff level decisions that can be made by the committee, e.g., non-regulatory signs like no-outlet, crosswalk markings. Regulatory changes are required to be brought to City Council for consideration. This includes stop sign installation, school speed zone installation, parking restrictions, etc.

Learn more about traffic safety in Shakopee and find answers to common questions on our Traffic Safety webpage.

  1. Updated: 12/05/2019