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City to remove dead boulevard trees in downtown Shakopee

Updated: 07/23/2019

A tree with dead branches on topDowntown trees had a tough go of it over the winter, as an extraordinary number died or appear to be declining in health.

City staff recorded 19 dead trees and 42 non-perky trees that require continued pruning and monitoring. The main species are affected are Honey Locust, Gingko and Hackberry trees. These native trees are typically quite hardy. Therefore, we are not certain why so many declined this winter; most likely due to the harsh environment and natural attrition. 

This week, Public Works crews began removing the 19 dead trees and pruning the others. We will remove the trees low to the ground for now and leave the stump.

The city is currently developing a downtown streetscape improvement plan that will include tree replacement. However, we do not expect the plan to be completed and implemented until 2021.