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How do we decide what programs to offer?

Updated: 07/05/2019

Even though we are just getting to the heat of the summer, Parks and Recreation staff are busy finalizing the programs we’ll offer this fall and winter. Do you ever wonder how we decide what to offer or when?  Have you ever had an idea for a program but don’t know how to make it happen?

people playing on pickleball courtsMany programs we offer multiple times each year, such as swimming lessons, ice skating lessons, preschool sport classes and fitness classes. These physical and mental learning opportunities promote physical fitness or skills that have no age boundaries. It’s important to offer these programs year-round so a participant can progress through the skill levels. They also tend to be very popular, and we strive to keep up with demand.

Staff also continually looks at local and national trends in recreational programming. It wasn’t that long ago that Shakopee didn’t even know what pickleball was. Now, the city has five outdoor pickleball courts, the potential of six indoor courts and future plans to add up to four more dedicated courts. Pickleball has also brought about other ideas beyond open play. This summer, we started an outdoor ladder league for pickleball players, which we plan to implement year round.

Lastly, we rely on our residents to share their ideas for programs they’d like to see in Shakopee. Do you have a program idea or have you seen a program offered in another community you’d like to see here? Send your ideas to Staff will contact you and discuss if it could become a reality!

  1. Updated: 07/05/2019