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What is takes to be a Shakopee firefighter

Corey Murray
by Corey Murray, Lieutenant01/25/2019 9:00 am
Updated: 01/25/2019

Firefighter Hiring 2019

Becoming a Shakopee Fire Fighter is no simple task. Our firefighters are highly trained professionals who dedicate themselves to excellence in the industry. Once a person is hired, he or she must go through an intensive training process that takes two years to complete. The program includes learning how to use equipment and tools, as well as how to operate fire engines, ladder trucks, brush trucks and specialized rescue apparatus, like the airboat. 

Once a new hire learns the equipment and trucks, it is time to learn how to fight fire. First-year firefighters complete an approximately year-long training program at the SCALE Regional Public Safety Training Facility in Jordan, which has several burn props including a three-story burn tower. Toward the end of the year, the new hire completes a “24-hour class” where he or she displays his or her skills during several back-to-back mock calls over a 24-hour period. Once the new hire completes this first year of training, the firefighter has earned his or her firefighters helmet shield and takes the oath of office.

Even after all this, a new firefighter is still not finished with training. The firefighter must learn how to respond to a variety of other emergencies, including car crashes, hazardous materials incidents and medical incidents. The new firefighter must also obtain certification as an emergency medical technician from the National Registry of EMTs within two years. Finally, at this point, the firefighter has completed the initial training requirements. 

As any of us can attest, it is both an exhausting and extremely rewarding process. We'd be happy to talk more about it at our upcoming recruitment event Saturday, Feb. 16 at Shakopee Fire Station 1. Watch for job openings in mid-February at