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Yearly report coming to Council on Dec. 18

Updated: 12/06/2018

In January and February of 2018, the Shakopee City Council determined a list of priorities for city staff to address during the year. This has been a yearly exercise implemented in 2016 to give staff direction on issues of concern to the council. In general, staff will analyze the tasks presented and bring the best options to council for approval or guidance. Some issues fall within the purview of the city administrator and are addressed accordingly.

Council gives the direction on these issues and professional staff then puts together plans to achieve the objectives. Council will then debate the plans and vote on them as part of the legislative process. As a body, the council can 1) approve, 2) deny, 3) or send back for more work and effort. It is important to note that we take direction from the body, not any individual Councilmembers. This often requires a vote, so staff has clear direction.  

This year the council focused on five main areas with multiple subsets including:

1) Finance - Low taxes, continued financial stability, stable tax rate, increased tax capacity and an increased bond rating.

2) Parks and Recreation - Park asset planning process, park building maintenance and replacement review, private and public partnerships, trail signage and connections, asset marketing, recreation program review and department expenditure review.

3) Land Planning - Life-cycle housing, river crossing capacity and riverfront improvements.

4) Economic Development and Infrastructure - Riverfront development, attraction of high paying jobs, continued downtown improvement and redevelopment, former City Hall parcel redevelopment, Rev. Pond statue, and developer fee and regulation review.

5) Miscellaneous - Transparency, communications, community engagement and Southbridge Fire partnership.  

The year is rapidly coming to a close and staff is preparing a report on the above efforts. We look forward to presenting it to the City Council on our regular meeting scheduled on Dec. 18.

  1. Updated: 12/06/2018