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Storm sewer and our environment

Updated: 08/02/2018

Do you live by a storm sewer drain? If so, you own waterfront property.

Storm sewer carries excess water from our roofs, yards and streets to lakes, rivers and ponds. Storm drains collect the water, which then flows through a pipe network to settling ponds, allowing debris and sediment to filter out before entering our waterways. This helps keep our water clean and reduce the risk of flooding.

Storm Sewer Graphic from Heal Our WatersThe City of Shakopee Public Works Department owns and maintains 139 miles of storm sewer pipe, which flows into 220 acres of ponds. Due to the size of the network, a rotating maintenance cycle is used.  The Engineering Division inspects the storm sewer and ponds to ensure they are able to function as intended. The things we are looking to identify and fix tend to be related to the buildup of solids and pollutants carried into the pipes and ponds. Also, without proper rock protection, the flow of water out of the pipes can cause erosion. The proper rocks placed strategically between the pipe and the pond, through which the water flows, are designed to slow down rushing water that leads to erosion. The findings from these inspections are passed along to Public Works to complete maintenance as needed.

It is important to remember that storm drains are designed for rain and snowmelt and not all the pollutants that are collected by it. These pollutants can include garbage, yard waste, fertilizers, cleaners, oils and animal waste. By keeping our yards, driveways and streets clean, we can prevent this pollution from entering our storm sewer drains. Remember, a properly maintained storm sewer system can lead to cleaner waterways and a much healthier environment.