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2040 Comp Plan takes shape

Updated: 07/24/2018

The comprehensive plan is the city’s blueprint for its future. Currently, the city is in the process of crafting a new comprehensive plan, known as Envision Shakopee. Following a year of community input, study and planning, the draft plan was released in late June for review by the community.

The plan covers topics ranging from the economy, housing, land use, transportation, parks, infrastructure, resilience, quality of life and governance. Centered around 10 community priorities and 12 big ideas, the plan outlines 56 goals the city hopes to address in the next 20 years. Some of the goals are already being addressed, some may shift as trends and circumstances change and some are aspirational stretch goals.

The comp plan helps to get everyone on the same page for the future direction of the city. Already, we have heard from other government agencies interested in partnering on proposed projects and businesses and developers that have altered their plans to fit more accordingly with the vision laid out in the plan. Laying out a vision helps to get everyone strategically rowing together, in the same direction.

While many of the renderings and goals may sound expensive, that’s not necessarily the case nor is money the key to implementation. Many proposed ideas will happen, as mentioned above, through strategic partnerships. Others may happen through policy, budgeting, maintenance and operation practices and using innovative and new techniques, technologies and ways of working. For instance, the city can encourage strategic development by adjusting policies to make it easier and more affordable for the private market to construct housing.

Another such possibility is exploring park and roadside maintenance. If the city created more natural spaces, such as prairie or wildflower habitats, it could reduce maintenance costs, reduce stormwater infrastructure needs, improve water quality and provide habitat for birds and pollinators, all while achieving the community priority of connecting to nature. Exploring opportunities for shared success and mutual benefits is critical to the success of Envision Shakopee.

The community is invited to review the draft plan and provide feedback over the coming months. Please visit for more information. 

  1. Updated: 07/24/2018