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We are listening to you

Updated: 07/03/2018

Not long ago a Shakopee Community Center member emailed with a friendly suggestion and sent a picture of an indoor walking/running track he had visited at another facility. The track had three lanes, similar to ours, and had a clearly written "RUN, JOG, WALK" across the lanes. This simple concept more clearly conveyed a message plastered on signs but did not always register with track users. As a result, we were quick to incorporate this member’s idea.

Words on walking trackSometimes small suggestions make big impacts. In this case, we have seen users, ranging from runners to stroller-walking moms and dads, staying in the appropriate lane. A practical solution based on a customer suggestion, ultimately resulting in a better customer experience and improved service. 

What our customers may not know is that we are always listening and looking for ways to improve the way we operate at the Shakopee Community Center and as a department. Sometimes ideas are easily implemented; sometimes they may not be feasible. Reflecting on the previous few months, here are some improvements we’ve made that have been influenced by customer feedback: 

Expansion of open swim hours for families: There are at least five hours per day of family open swim time with pool features on.

More access for adult lap swim and lap swim times: Generally available any time we are open with the exception of when lessons or water aerobics take place.

Reducing the age requirement for the fitness area and orientations: Ages 14 and up can use the fitness area unaccompanied by an adult. Ages 12-13 can use the fitness area with an orientation and as long as they are with a parent.

Swim attire rules relaxed: While proper swimwear is typically encouraged, we have simplified the dress code to not permit jeans, sweatpants, cut-off shorts and any heavy clothing that hinders swimming ability. This gives guests more flexibility with what they may wear and allows our lifeguards to focus on safety, rather than policing dress code.  

Basketballs available in the gym: We eliminated having to check out basketballs at the front desk. This decreases traffic at the desk and allows staff to focus more on service.

Kids Cove age: By parent request, we expanded the maximum age from 7 to 10.

Day pass requirement: We’ve eased congestion at the front desk by not requiring paperwork be filled out for adult day passes. 

Staffing changes: We’ve reorganized! We have a Community Center manager that oversees all things center related. This was not the case previously.  We also have one staff person overseeing aquatics and another coordinating fitness. These individuals report to the community center manager, resulting in improved communication, solutions and service. This is a recent change, and we are already seeing the benefits of this staff structure.

Increased fitness offerings: We are in the process of implementation. Soon you will see more group fitness classes and offerings. A few will even correlate more with Kids Cove hours. Personal training opportunities will expand. At least five new instructors and trainers have been hired and will be starting soon!

Fitness studio access: Members wanted to stretch and work out in the studios on occasion. These are now accessible daily when classes are not in progress.

Pickleball expansion: These avid users have requested outdoor courts for some time. Departmentally, we have moved forward with adding four courts at Lions Park (incorporated into the tennis courts).

Expanded hours: Since opening the new facility, we’ve expanded building hours. Weekday mornings we open earlier at 5 a.m., Saturdays at 6 a.m. and Sundays we added additional morning and evening hours. 

It’s important to us that you know, we are listening.