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From ice to turf

Updated: 03/22/2018

Recently, Rink 2 at the Shakopee Ice Arena has undergone a transition, as crews removed its ice sheet to make way for a temporary turf surface.

Crews use skidloaders to remove melting ice from ice arena floorThe process took approximately six days to complete. It started by turning off the rink’s ice system, so crews could raise the floor temperature and melt the ice. Then, Public Works staff helped manually push the remaining ice with small loaders. Then, crews used a large floor scrubber to remove the extra water and ice paint. 

Once the rink floor was dry and warm, we were now ready to bring in the rolls of turf. Sixteen rolls of artificial turf were rolled out on the arena floor and cut at the corners. Lastly, our staff had to velcro all the turf seams to make sure everything was nice and smooth. Toss out the nets and we were ready to go. See a photo slideshow of the process.

Crews start laying turf on cement rink floorWith the hockey and figure skating seasons winding down, the temporary turf will allow more groups to use the arena. We have rented out turf time to lacrosse, baseball and soccer groups.

We still have more available hours of turf to rent. Price is $85 per hour plus tax. Open turf time is Monday-Friday noon to 2 p.m., Thursday 4-6 p.m. and Sunday 9-11 a.m. Contact the Shakopee Ice Arena at 952-233-9520 to rent turf.

The turf will remain through May 6. Then, it will transition back to ice for summer hockey camps and large two-sheet tournaments.