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55+ seniors in action

Updated: 03/12/2018

Ṡakpe ti Lounge is the place to be these days. It sounds like ‘Shock pay tee’ and means “Little Six Room.” The Lounge is a hub of activity for all 55+ seniors. No membership required to participate in these programs. 

Five women play mahjong on tableThe lounge opened in October 2016. Now in its second year, programming has increased to meet the needs of all users, regardless of their ability level. The secret was in hiring a recreation coordinator who can focus and work specifically with 55+ seniors and identify their interests. This position has allowed us to expand our repertoire of classes, activities and events. We have 55+ seniors who are retired and those still in the workforce. The challenge is to find a happy medium and offer programs during the day and evening to engage everyone.

We have individuals who are at all levels of the aging cycle, from sedentary activities to outgoing and active programs. We have expanded our program offerings from one to two programs a week up to as many as 15 or more programs a week.

We offer activities to stimulate your mental muscle like cards, Mexican train dominoes, cribbage, mahjong and trivia. We offer educational programs for those who love to learn about history, their community, environment and more. Travel is huge for this population as they love to see the world, whether it be in their backyard, local and state. We are looking to expand our trip programs and explore other states via a partnership with a travel company. Then there are our adventurous and active group, who love to zip line, rock climb, exercise, Nordic walk and more. We are in the process of developing partnerships to offer more active and adventurous programs. Finally, we all love to celebrate and socialize with food. We offer a variety of special events that have mystery, intergenerational and seasonal.

Seniors on the roof of State Capitol buildingThis past January, we organized a Senior Advisory Board made up of all ages, interests and ability levels. This group has been instrumental in providing feedback so we can continue to meet the needs of our 55+ population on a monthly basis. It has been exciting to hear the positive comments from our 55+ seniors group. We have seen many old friendships be rekindled and many new friendship developing. They all enjoy having a place they can call their own. The lounge is a place that is welcoming, warm and open to all 55+ seniors. Our goal is to continue to offer programs that are everchanging but where 55+ seniors can engage at their comfort level. We will continue to programs that enrich the mental, physical, social and emotional wellness. If you have any ideas or suggestions for program offerings, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We offer a bi-monthly newsletter that can be emailed or picked up at the Community Center. If you would like to receive the newsletter or have any questions, please contact Carla Kress at 952-233-9516 or email at

  1. Updated: 03/12/2018