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What does quality of life mean to you?

Updated: 10/09/2017

What does quality of life mean to you? To some, it means being in good health and having access to health care. To others, it means having a good job and a place to call home. It may also mean having family close by, having food to eat, feeling safe, having clean air and water -- the list goes on and on.

The mission statement for the Shakopee Parks and Recreation Department is to provide, develop, protect and enhance excellent parks and recreation services, open spaces and natural resources that contribute to a high quality of life for our residents.

Parks and city facilities offer a gathering place to our community where people can meet with one and other, socialize, laugh, exchange ideas, get tax assistance and exercise their minds and their bodies. Our teens and seniors have places to gather when they may have nowhere else to go. Our youth have opportunities to learn lifelong skills both socially and physically in an era that is so technically driven. Parks offer an escape from the living room and connect our community to the outdoors. Trails help relieve the congestion of the highway by offering another commuting option.  

Parks and Recreation is sports, fitness, fun and so much more. The opportunities and spaces that parks and recreation offer help lower health care costs, allows seniors to stay socially active, lowers crime rates of youth by giving them another outlet, builds a sense of community among neighbors, provides a community with a sense of pride, increases land and housing values and boosts the city’s economy by drawing in visitors for large community or sporting events.

Whether physically, socially, mentally or economically, parks and recreation assist in providing a high quality of life for our residents.

  1. Updated: 10/09/2017