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Public Employees Wanted!

Updated: 09/08/2017
Every year at the Minnesota State Fair, the League of Minnesota Cities has a booth in the education building, the theme of which allows fair-goers to learn more about what cities do and how we serve our communities. This year, the theme was promoting the value of city careers and encouraging the next generation of leaders to consider opportunities to improve their communities through a career in public service. It may come as a surprise to learn that recruiting new people to serve the public is becoming a greater and greater challenge. 
League of MN at FairIn comparison to some other communities, Shakopee is somewhat fortunate. For example, we received 126 applications for a police department receptionist position and 47 applications for a Community Center lead worker position. However, application numbers are gradually declining due to an increased competition among all employers and the lack of eligible workers. Younger people don't think of public service for jobs, and overall, the national and state unemployment rate is low. Everyone is looking for workers. 
While our candidate pools are smaller than they used to be, we have able to get the best of the best to serve this community. We strive to find people who are committed to excellence and have a customer service focus, and thankfully, we've had a great deal of success.  
Communities across Minnesota and the nation need qualified, committed and engaged employees. If you have never considered a career in public service I encourage you to give it some thought. Here in Shakopee, we are always looking for ways to deliver the services our community has come to expect cheaper, faster and better. Maybe you are the one with the next big idea that can help us achieve our mission.
If you are interested in seeing if public service is right for you, please take a look at this website. It has a lot of great information about career options in public service and personal stories from dedicated public servants throughout Minnesota. Some of it may surprise you!